This website is the Digital Platform of DeSales and Mermier Resource Centre (DSM), Hyderabad. Inspired by St.Francis De Sales, the patron saint of writers & journalists, 'DSM' is aiming at leading individuals through the Salesian Spirituality, providing access to plenty of resources for spiritual enlightenment, personal renewal, and entertainment in order to improve the quality of life.

DeSales and Mermier Resource and Animation Centre, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Origin of this Website

This website was originally developed by Fr. Wilson Abraham MSFS in October 2020, as his personal website with the name “FACTS" (Fransalian Animation Centre for Technology and Spirituality). Seeing the volume of Resources on Spirituality, especially on "DeSales and Mermier," the Director of DSM requested him to make it the Digital Platform of DSM. This was done in October 2022 by changing the name from ‘FACTS’ to ‘DSM.’ Therefore, among the 900+ pages on this website, you might find somewhere within it, a few pages or some attachments with the name FACTS! Please ignore them or inform the webmaster to correct them.


Every reasonable effort has been expended in acquiring permission for use of copyrighted material but if there are any omissions or mistakes in acknowledging the source, it is not intentional, they will be corrected in the future.

Kindly contact WebMaster of the DSM by email for any corrections.