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Josephology Classes By Fr.John A. Hardon, S.J.

1. St. Joseph - Foster Father of Jesus

Our plan here is to identify just five qualities of Saint Joseph. Each quality will be briefly described and then applied to ourselves. Of the twenty five invocations in the Litany of Saint Joseph, the ones on which we shall concentrate really cover all we know about the spouse of the Mother of God. Each invocation deserves a volume of commentary.

2. St. Joseph, Patron of Dedicated Souls

There are many good reasons why St. Joseph should be the special heavenly patron of dedicated souls - in the religious life, in the priesthood, and among the laity. But as the Church teaches, he is especially to be venerated and his patronage invoked because he was the guardian of the Virgin Mary and the foster-father of Jesus.

3. The Role and Responsibility of Fatherhood - St. Joseph as Model

If there was one fact of our Christian faith which needs to be stressed today it is the need for a father in the family. At the center of the social revolution today is the attack on men, as husbands and fathers of families. Behind this revolution is the philosophy of Karl Marx. According to Marx, families are the invention of dictating males who created, what we call the family, in order to dominate women in human society.

4. For Jesuits / Chapter 9 - Foster Father of the Lord (links to an article in the section on Prayer)

Chapter 9 of Fr. John A. Hardon's prayer book.

5. Sermons – 1992 – March 17—19: Feast of St. Joseph (links to an article in the section on Sermons)

On the Feast of St. Joseph, the patron of the universal Church, we should see something of how Jesus was protected by St. Joseph during Christ’s physical life on earth so that now the mystical Christ is being protected by St. Joseph.