Praying with St.Francis de Sales

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Prayer of St. Francis de Sales

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“Lord, I am Yours,

and I must belong to no one but You.

My soul is Yours,

and must live only by You.

My will is Yours,

and must love only for You.

I must love You as my first cause,

since I am from You.

I must love You as my end and rest,

since I am for You.

I must love You more than my own being,

since my being subsists by You.

I must love You more than myself,

since I am all Yours and all in You.


Prayer to St. Francis de Sales-1

Dear St. Francis De Sales, by your life and in your writings you teach us to follow Christ by loving God, our Father, and all other persons, our brothers and sisters. Obtain for us the grace to be led by the Holy Spirit, so that we show our love for God by fidelity to prayer, by diligence in our work, by our cheerful service of others.

Teach us to be patient and forgiving, kind and helpful to all. Help us to face the difficulties and sufferings of life with hearts full of trust in God, our ever-loving Father.

Dear St. Francis, while on earth you were always ready to help those in need. Come to our aid and obtain for us from God, through the intercession of Our Lady, the special grace for which we now pray. (Pause)

O gentle St. Francis bless our home with your presence. May our hearts glow with love for God and a sincere concern for others, so that our lives may show in word and deed the blessings of your patronage. Amen.

Prayer to St. Francis de Sales-2

O blessed Francis de Sales, who on earth did excel in a life of virtue, especially in the love of God and neighbor, I earnestly ask you to take me under your compassionate care and protection. Obtain for me conversion of mind and heart. Grant that all people, especially (names of those whom you wish to include) may experience the depth of God’s redeeming and healing love. Teach me to fix my eyes on the things of heaven even as I walk each day with my feet planted firmly on the earth. Help me, through the practice of virtue and the pursuit of devotion, to avoid anything that would otherwise cause me to stumble in my attempt to follow Christ and to be an instrument of the Holy Spirit. Encouraged by your prayers and example, help me to live fully my sacred dignity with the hope of experiencing my sacred destiny: eternal life with God. Receive also this particular need or concern that I now lift up in prayer. (mention your particular need). O God, for the salvation of all, you desired that St. Francis de Sales—preacher, missionary, confessor, bishop and founder— should befriend many along the road to salvation. Mercifully grant that we, infused with the humility and gentleness of his charity, guided by his wisdom and sharing in his spirit may experience eternal life. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady attributed to SFS

(likely written in Dijon, 1604)

Hail, most glorious Virgin Mary, Mother of God. You are my Mother and my Queen. Hence, I beg you to accept me as your son and servant since I want you alone to be my Mother and Mistress. I beg you, my good, gracious and gentle Mother, to bring me comfort in all my anguishes and tribulations of body and soul.

Remember, most gracious Virgin, that you are my Mother and that I am your son, that you are very powerful and I, a poor, vile and feeble creature. Hence, I beg you, my Mother, to govern and defend me in all my ways and actions, for, alas!, I am a poor needy beggar much in need of your holy protection. Most Holy Virgin, my gracious Mother, preserve and free my body and soul from evils and dangers, and grant me a share in your possessions and virtues, especially in your holy humility, excellent purity, and fervent love.

Do not tell me, gracious Virgin, that you cannot, for your beloved Son granted you all power, in Heaven as on Earth. Do not tell me that you ought not, for you are the common Mother of all men and women and especially mine. If you could not, I would excuse you, saying: "It is true that she is my Mother and loves me as her son, but the poor woman has neither wealth nor power." If you were not my Mother, I would wait patiently, saying: "She is rich enough to assist me, but, alas!, since she is not my Mother, she does not love me."

Then, most gracious Virgin, since you are my Mother and you are powerful, how can I excuse you if you do not bring me comforts and grant me your help and assistance? You see, my Mother, that you are compelled to grant me all that I am asking you.

May you be exalted above Heaven and Earth, glorious Virgin and my most Holy Mother Mary, and, for the honor and glory of your Son, accept me as your child, without regard for my miseries and sins. Deliver my soul and body from all evil, and give me a share in all your virtues, especially humility. Grant me all the gifts, favors, and graces that are pleasing to the Most Holy Trinity ... Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. AMEN.