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A Retreat for Clergy & Religious Titled Aroma of Christ (2022)

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1.      Called to be the "Aroma" of Christ,

Cardinal Oswald Gracias (Session – starts @ 15:42)

2.      Obstacles to becoming the "Aroma of Christ",

Bishop Francis Kalist (Bshp of Meerut) (@ 04:44)

3.      Biblical/saintly models who spread the "Aroma of Christ"

Fr. George Kumblumootil O.P  (@ 03.33)

4.      Reclaiming the original call - "Aroma of Christ" in one's own life

Archbishop Raphy Manjaly (@ 03.160

5.      Sources to grow in the 'Aroma of Christ' (Interior life/sacramental life/word of God, etc.)

Bishop Raphael Thattil  (@ 04.13)

6.      Eucharist, the supreme Source for spreading the Aroma of Christ

Archbishop Christopher Prowse (@03.57)

7.      Spirit Filled life, a life of the "Aroma of Christ",

Bishop Peter L. Smith (@03.07)

8.      Proclamation of the Gospel (Evangelization) - Spreading the Aroma of Christ,

Bishop Sebastianappan Singaroyan  (@04.07)

9.      Mary, the first fruit of redemption, perfect model of the "Aroma of Christ",

Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao  (@03.01)

10.   The role of the CCR in living a life of the Aroma of Christ,

Dr. Mary Healy (@03.44)

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